The project

Brighter Consultancy Group was requested to submit a proposal under NDA to support a Big 4 Consultancy in the delivery of an IT Risk and Control Self Assessment. Brighter and its client held a company wide workshop in which all key stakeholders worked together to identify, share and assess risks and controls across their respective operational areas.

The solution

As part of this project, we were involved in the following key activities:

  • Worked hand in hand with the process and control owners to improve processes and controls
  • Documented and addressed control deficiencies and recommended improvements to process and control design
  • Brighter led the design and operation of the IT controls, developing the remediation plans to address deficiencies
  • Our Brighter team assessed the IT eco-system and IT controls frameworks in a highly regulated financial services firm

The results
  • Brighter Consultancy and its client successfully embedded a workflow to identify risks faced by the RCSA entities and identification of controls. Our consultants designed an assessment criteria to measure and monitor the effectiveness and suitability of the controls
  • Our consultants embedded best practice and championed good control design by working closely on a day-to-day basis with the client’s team in-situ, whilst promoting knowledge transfer and a culture of continuous improvement
  • Increased awareness of organisational objectives and the role of the internal controls in achieving goals and objectives
  • Motivating personnel to carefully design and implement control processes and continually improve operating control processes